Personal computer users have been accustomed to the Windows operating system for a while now. Starting out as an appendix to the old MS-Dos in 1985, the Microsoft OS grew and took over the market and computers and is still widely used today by many.

With major releases like Windows 95, 98, XP and Vista, Microsoft put the past behind with the newer Windows 7. The operating system works delightfully on the PC and has come as a great improvement from former releases. Everyone knows how important the operating system is and how it provides useful information and news related to Windows 7. Everything is written to provide readers with fresh info on new software updates, security updates and program releases. There are also how to guides on making the system work smoother and advise on better practices regarding the whole OS. And with Windows 7 being available in a mobile version for smartphones as well, There are lots of websites that jumps at the chance to offer even more insights.