Windows Vista

This website used to provide its readers with relevant information from different areas of communications. It focused on telecommunications, operating systems and many aspects that have to do with computers and working with computers and also computer games or video games. The reader had the chance to read here about the most recent developments in the areas they were interested in. For instance, tips of how to perform a clean installation of Windows Vista were also subject of this website.

Everyone needs to install their own operating systems at a point in their lives, and this is a reality. Professionals will know how to do it without too much effort but unfortunately, individuals are unable to do it on their own. Or one must say, individuals cannot do it as efficiently as professionals would. And yet, there are several steps that even rookies can follow and can achieve their goal in performing a clean installation of Windows Vista.

One should start the procedure by running the Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor. The information available on this website is only applicable to Windows Vista Home Basic, Home Premium, Ultimate, Business, Vista Enterprise and Vista Starter. Nevertheless, individuals had to make sure that their existing data was deleted before starting the clean installation. This data could be backed up or could be simply deleted if individuals do not need it anymore (highly not recommended). The backed up information will be necessary to reinstall all the programs after the installation.

To start the clean installation one must run the setup program after starting the computer. During this step the current operating system is being used. In simple steps, this means turning on the computer by using the current operating system. Then insert the Windows Vista DVD in the computer’s DVD drive and use only one of the procedures described further. If the DVD is automatically detected by Windows, the Install screen will appear automatically and one could press the Install button. But if the DVD is not automatically detected, one needs to click start, run and then type Drive:\setup.exe and then click ok. The install box should open and one could clock the Install button. At a point during the installation one would be prompted ‘what type of installation do you want?’. One should choose Custom and follow the indications.

There are more ways of performing a clean install of Windows Vista but this one was considered the easiest.