Operation Unicorn


Honor the Contract





Vic Silvester “Individual”

Respectfully invites

All Gulf War veteran

groups to lay aside their differences and join him in



Now is

the time to develop and initiate a nation-wide military family

support group program. Each Gulf War group has had the experience of

separation, fear of military member well-being, restricted income,

fouled up paychecks, leadership misinformation and a thousand and one

other things that nobody expects to happen until they do.


respectfully request that each group consider joining us in




registering with us as a support program point of contact, to help

the families of those now being deployed. As calls are received we

will refer the callers to the group closest to their area.

The Unicorn

represents those who will choose death over dishonor, and is known

for it’s intelligence, grace, it’s gentleness with friends, ferocity

with enemies, strength, and solidarity inclinations. The Unicorn

signifies those who strive to bring harmony through insight and

understanding, and only resorts to force when those under it’s

protection are endangered. The Unicorn represents JUSTICE AND TRUTH.


us lay aside the differences that have hounded the Persian Gulf War

Community and stand together in support of these families who are now

living in fear as your families did during the Gulf War.

There is no concept of control in this action, just a development of

a system that can direct calls for help to those who can assist, and

a notification to the leadership of the military community that we

will be fully involved in the documentation and family communication

network of this latest deployment.

There is nobody who can understand the fears of a wife, a mother, a

son or a daughter, and the concerns of a father of a loved one who

stands in the face of Harm’s Way than those who have been there.

Let’s use our experiences of the Gulf War to assist those who have

taken up our shield and buckler in compliance with the wishes of this

government’s leadership.


Operation Unicorn program is designed to set up a system of support

entities throughout the various communities that can be contacted on

a moments notice that somebody from their area needs help or support.

Based on prior experience with the Gulf War, the families know that

the promised support of the “Official” government entities

never reach the publicized levels that are projected…That they are

never available when they are “Really” needed…no

emergency happens until 03:00 am or on the weekends, when nobody is

in the office…Operation Unicorn puts a “People” on the

other end of the telephone who has been there, who has suffered the

pain of not knowing…have been through the lost pay check…and all

the other “People” problems that are important to the

“People” but not the bureaucracy of the DoD.


you would like to be listed, please contact us at