Monster Milktruck

On this website, enthusiastic users of the computers and communications tools could read all the relevant information from the field. This website was the place where everyone could find out the most recent information about a certain computer or video game, operating system and even phones. The website provided a description and reviews of several video and computer games and one of them was Monster Milktruck.

Monster Milktruck was a freeware video game that could be played over the internet by using Google Earth. This game was playable only on certain operating systems and certain internet browsers. Consequently, the Google Earth plug in needed to be installed properly for the game to function. After the installation of the plug in, the player would need to restart his browser in order to be able to play the game.

The milk truck is a regular truck colored with white and red on which it is written ‘Milk’. The letters are cursive and they could not be seen from far away and one will see them only when the camera was focused closer on the truck. The turn signals on the truck were however visible and the tires have an unrealistic appearance as they were much too large and they protrude from the sides. This was where the milk truck got its name of ‘monster truck’ with ‘monster tires and chassis’.

The game was not hard to play. One needed to use the arrow keys to accelerate and decelerate as well as turn. The player could also navigate his box-shaped milk truck anywhere in the world. Players could choose to drive in their surroundings or they could choose to wrap to a new area by typing in the name of an attraction or an address. The truck can be ‘teleported’ to a desired location and this happens instantly. The broadband of the internet and the speed of the computer may determine the speed with which the topography was completely loaded. The driver could complain or enjoy the ride, depending on how fast the player controls him. Common comments included ‘whoah cowboy’ or ‘sometimes I wished I was working for UPS’ ad ‘creamy’.

This game was quite simple and yet fascinating as it allowed players to discover different areas of their neighborhood or even from another continent. Every location would work, apart from the rural areas because these would include a too large area to allow the program to function properly.