Odssa’s review of the HTC HD7 phone was used to capture the overall features of the phone for readers. Odssa compared the Window’s phone for wireless carrier T-Mobile as an answer to Sprint’s EVO and Verizon’s Droid X and said that the 4.3 inch display and multiple media functions made the technology a sight to behold. Under the “Design” heading, listed first on the review, the information was focused on the comparatively massive touch-screen display offered by the HD7. Such a large touch screen was considered desirable by some, while others found it bulky and difficult to cart around or fit in a pocket or hand bag.

While most of the reviewed information was positive, having mentioned one of the largest virtual keyboards and an impressive resolution for a smart phone screen, it did mention that bugs were an issue with such a large screen. The screen sometimes did not react to standards and it mentioned that it wasn’t the first time a Window’s phone seemed slow to respond to user input at times. This was a not so subtle dig at Windows and a reminder that Odssa had reviewed other Windows products in the past that did not perform up to par or as promised.

Then the website moved on to talk about the camera, and during the review stated that while the hardware was impressive for a phone (offering a 5 megapixel camera), the results weren’t as great as one might have hoped. It said that when compared to other phones such as the EVO or the iPhone 4, the picture quality simply wasn’t close to the best on the market. Under ideal conditions, the review stated that the camera worked fairly well, but if anything wasn’t perfect then lines tended to blur and pictures came out grainy. it did state that controls were easy to use for the camera and a solid feature, though the lack of more customization proved to again put the HD7 below its competitors.

Finally it spoke about the battery life of the HTC HD7. Again, the review seemed to think that the phone offered average battery life at best. The reviewer said that with some mild-use throughout the course of a day the battery drained to 50% power after roughly 12-hours. The review said this was definitely a phone that would need to be charged regularly, and while not necessarily too disappointing, there were phones with better results all around.