Aveyond Series

Gaming is becoming more and more popular among individuals of any age. Enthusiasts can now go online on gaming blogs and learn the latest developments when it comes to the world of computers and gaming. These blogs usually feature special features for different areas of gaming and they would often review games. Aveyond is one of the games that have been recently developed and which had shortly captured the attention of players all over the world. The game was one of its kind when it firstly appeared and it was developed with the intention to provide gamers with a new and different gaming experience. Here one can read more about the game and what one can expect about the world in which the game takes place as well as other interesting information about Aveyond.

The Aveyond game was developed by Amaranth Games and it was one of the best known role-playing video games. The action takes place in a fantasy medieval world and the players need to solve different quests that in the end would mean saving the world from the evil beings. This was an online multiplayer game and it became popular quite fast because it was one of the first games that allowed individuals enthusiastic about medieval worlds to play such a game online and to interact with other people at the same time.

The plot of the game is itself captivating. A young girl called Talia Maurva is being sent to be named. This involves a ritual in which her profession as an adult is determined and which is set up by the people in her village. Her destiny however changes as she sees that the prince in a neighboring village tries to resurrect the dead warlock emperor, Arhiman, with the help of his dark priest. She is then sent to a school of magic in the city of Thais. She is escorted by her friend, Devin Perry. Her training takes up three years of her life and right after she finishes it she is summoned into a dream by her headmaster. Her mission is to slip across the continent so she can warn other priestesses that Ahriman was being resurrected. She soon finds herself in a journey that would pave the way for peace in her world. She soon had to find ways in which she could make sure that her mission and that of her headmasters would be accomplished.