The Agency

There were many websites where computer and video game enthusiasts could find out everything they needed to know about their favorite games or simply the most recent developments in the world of computers, video games and communications. These websites provided relevant information with regards to the developments in any area of communications by ensuring that the readers were updated with the most recent news related to phones, smart phones, operating systems and even video games. One of the news that people could read about on this website was the video and computer game, The Agency.

The Agency was a massive multiplayer video game developed around the theme of shooting and spying. It was developed by Sony Online Entertainment in Seattle and it was set up as to be played on Windows operating systems and PlayStation 3. Upon starting playing the game, the player will be prompted to choose one of the two agencies that are available in the game. The agency that one chose determined the type of missions that one would receive during the game play. One of the agencies, the United Network of Intelligence and Tactical Experts was the world’s most elite secret agents. The missions included in this agency were primarily related to spying and the agents were trained in stealth and subterfuge. They also had access to technology that had not been seen by the public. The other agency, the Paramilitary Global Operations Network was designed as the largest private army in the world. It worked with clients both upstanding and unsavory. This part of the game was focused on shooting and army-like type of video game.

The game would feature first-person shooter type of game. It would include the opportunity to switch between the third and first person views and players also had access to drive vehicles. The success of the player was primarily determined by his skill. It was aimed at being a realistic shooting game and players would be killed by only one shot in the head. The main game would include several sub-games such as casino games. One could play these sub-games just for fun or they could use them as to initiate instance missions. The game would be played progressively, meaning that the player would have to unlock certain parts of the game by completing others.

This game has been a success due to its reality-like feeling and the aspects that it included, in comparison with other similar games.