On Odssa.com one could find out various news about the new developments in the worlds of computers and communication as well as other areas. The readers were pleased to find out that there is a Free Linux Software called Lucky Backup and which takes care those individuals’ computers who ‘forget’ to backup their data. This and much more you could read in this article which is meant to introduce you to the world of Odssa.com.

We’ll start with talking about the Lucky Backup program developed by Linux. This tool has been primarily designed to bring some happiness in the life of the end-user when it comes to save their information. However, it seems that this rather easy to use and free application gains popularity amongst the businesses as well, this being one of the reasons why specialists rate this application so well.

The Windows Phone 7 is a rather newly developed gadget but it is certainly one that aims at delivering a bit of something special for every individual. The HTC Surround is part of the Windows Phone 7 fleet and it has been made as to please music lovers and LG Quantum has been doing the same for avid texters while Samsung Focus is the perfect choice for those who are eager for style and elegance. The HTC HD7 is the ultimate gadget that combines the advantages of the Sprint EVO 4G and Verizon Droid X, and comes with a massive 4.3 inch display.

Computer games and the novelties in this area were not left out by Odssa.com. Recently, Treyarch has developed Call of Duty: Black Ops, a shooting video game released by Activision. This is the seventh installment of the original Call of Duty video game, a game that has remained in the history of computer and video games as the first ever developed person shooter game. Another video game published by the same company is Cabela’s Dangerous Hunts 2011, this is a hunting game which can be played on Nintendo DS, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Wii. A freeware type of game is the one played through the Internet, by using the Google Erath Engine, Monster Milktruck. Aramanth Games has also come up with a new role-playing video game, Aveyond. This game is set in a fantasy medieval world and players have to solve different quests as to save the world from evil beings. Another multi-player shooter game is The Agency, a spy-themed online game.

Coming back to communication, Blackberry has recently included a GPS feature into its gadgets, such as the RIM BlackBerry Pearl 8130 which also includes a 3G support.

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